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Ugly, damaged, or old windows are an eyesore, and water damage from leaking windows can cause expensive problems over time. If the windows of your home are sticking, leaking, or providing opportunities for rot, count on our full-service window installation contractor in Newport News. Our window installation service gets windows put in right and saves you money.

Since 2008, RTB Construction has been a trusted window installation company in the area, specializing in replacing old single-pane windows with new energy-efficient window technology. Every old window in your house is costing you money in electric bills, and new window technology reduces your utility bills significantly. Energy Star™ rated windows can reduce your energy bills up to 30%! These windows go a long way toward paying for themselves in utility savings and home value improvement, and may qualify you for energy-efficiency tax credits at the state and federal level.

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Our Reliable Window Installation Company Works Fast!

All of our window installation jobs begin with a full written project proposal. Whether you want to upgrade a single window or replace all the windows in your home, we will provide you with a detailed timeline of work, materials to be used, and how we intend to recycle or dispose of the old window materials. Our window replacement contractor can also improve newer existing windows through frame repair and efficiency upgrades.

Depending on the complexity of the window, it usually takes between two and four hours for a full window replacement or repair. Our window installation company is committed to 100% satisfaction, and none of our jobs are complete until we have confirmed with you in writing that everything is as it should be.

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The first step to getting all the advantages of new windows is to schedule a free evaluation of your home. Our window replacement company considers two factors when assessing your home. The first consideration is whether your current windows are leaky, old, or out of their frames. Old wooden frames are a major source of water infiltration, which can cause significant damage to the interior and exterior of your house. The second consideration is energy efficiency. Old windows and frames will often expand or contract in heat and moisture, ruining the insulation of your walls.

Contact us for energy-efficient replacing issues that will save you money. RTB Construction proudly serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

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