Roof Repair Contractor in Newport News

Roof Being Repaired - Roof Repair ContractorIt's not always necessary to do a whole roof replacement. Our roof patching service can often save you money and time by addressing small issues before they develop into larger problems. When you need small patch work, shingle replacements, or new asphalt coatings, call in the most professional roof repair contractor in Newport News if there's a problem with your roof. RTB Construction has been providing expert service to homeowners and businesses since 2008.

Thorough Inspections from a Trusted Roof Repair Company

Our roof repair company thoroughly assesses the condition of your roof. The most common issue is missing or damaged roof shingles. After heavy wind, hail, or snowmelt, shingles can be blown away, become buckled, or start to curl. Sometimes this will manifest in water spots on your ceiling, indicating a leak. Other times, your roof will start to rot. Wind and hail can also strip your shingles of the protective granules that prevent water damage, and an improperly ventilated attic can lead to "blisters": bubbles caused by moisture trapped in a shingle.

When you schedule a free assessment, our estimators will check for all these problems and give you a full estimate. Some roofers are mostly interested in full roof replacements, but our roofing repair service is committed to honest appraisals. If your roof has a minor problem, we'd rather save you time and money by fixing it now rather than waiting to do a full re-roofing later.

Guaranteed Roof Repair Service & Support

All of our projects will include a full written proposal, detailing the plan for the job. Our roofing repair company is licensed with all relevant bodies, and we will provide proof of insurance, worker's comp, and coverage of liability. We are proud of our many satisfied customers, and provide references and testimonials to our excellent roof patching service.

Once you've signed off on the plan, our roofers will get to work on your schedule to get your roof fixed. Overlooking small details can cause large problems later, so our roof repair contractor will be sure to check the vent pipes and the area around your skylights and chimneys for leaking. Flashing-the sheet metal seal for roof joints-is another common area for leaks, especially around chimneys.

Part of our commitment to customer satisfaction is cleaning up after ourselves, and we always leave your property clear of debris. None of our jobs are complete until we have done a thorough site walkthrough with you, and we guarantee all of our services for your absolute satisfaction.

Contact us for roof repairs that save you time and money! RTB Construction proudly serves Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, Suffolk, Portsmouth, Newport News, Yorktown, Hampton, and the surrounding areas in Virginia.

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